Indy Team Travel Trip 2024

June 12 - June 20, 2024

Zoom Meeting for Attendees on Tuesday, May 28th at 7 pm.  More Info and link will be out soon by email and posted here.

Update 3/5:
-trip is Full
-all formstack and google documents were emailed out.
-Update on Billing--billing is being moved up 15 days in order to ensure all on the trip are up to date on billing.
     Billing #1:  March 31--$550
     Billing #2:  April 30--$550
     Billing #3:  June 30--remaining balance settled after all trip expenses.  
-hotel information sent out
-extra OT ticket information emailed out---will be open through sign up genius on March 20. 

Update 1/14:
Billing:  ​
     -$100 initial billing when the two week registration wave closes.  Wave 1 has already been billed. 
     -Billing #1:  April 15-- $550
     -Billing #2:  May 15-- $550
     -Final Bill:  June 30--remaining blance settled after all trip expenses.

Update 1/1:  Hotel Information:
The hotel the swimmers/coaches/chaperones will be staying at is:
Hyatt House Indianapolis /  Fishers
11455 Ikea Way, Fishers, Indiana 46037

Update 12/11:  Chaperones:  LAC will be bringing eight chaperones on the trip.  Chaperones will be involved in all faucets of the trip.  Chaperones can apply until December 28th and will be contacted by January 3rd, 2024.  Please review the LAC Chaperone Policy.  
You can apply to be a chaperone here.  
     LAC Chaperones are crucial for the Indy trip.  Upon selection and passing of USA Swimming required certfications, LAC Chaperones will have their airfare, meals aand hotel room booked for them.  They will also receive a dues credit of $50/day.  


Lakeside Aquatic Club is excited to announce an amazing opportunity for our 11 and older swimmers.  Every three out of four years, LAC’s age group program, swimmers aged 11-14 years old, travel to a quality meet outside the state of Texas.  Our goal for this trip is to develop resilient swimmers who can adapt to any situation, while striving to perform at their peak performance.  Our coaching staff believes it is important for age group swimmers to travel and experience out of town team travel prior to high school.  Team travel not only reduces the cost for each swimmer as well as keeps them focused and engaged during the entire meet.  Therefore, LAC will  be taking a team trip to Indianapolis, Indiana from June 12-20th. This trip will be for swimmers 11 & older and will include a 3 day - prelim/final meet in Fishers, Indiana and then 2.5 days of watching Olympic Trials at Lucas Oil Stadium!


This will be a team travel event where the LAC coaching staff and LAC Chaperones will take the swimmers from DFW to Indy and back.   During the trip, swimmers will be under the supervision of the LAC coaches and LAC chaperones.  All LAC coaching staff  and LAC chaperone are background checked and focused on safety.   The trip includes transportation while in Indiana, lodging, meals and tickets to the Olympic Trials.  Swimmers will need to purchase their own airfare.  All swimmers 17 and under will need to be attached to a coach when purchasing a ticket.  


Selection process:

LAC will be taking 150 athletes aged 11-18 years old.  Each swimmer’s age will be determined by their age on the first day of the swim meet, June 14th, 2024.  We will be bringing approximately 36 11–12-year-olds, 48 13–14-year-olds, 84 15–18-year-olds with at least 24 of these swimmers being 15–16-year-olds.  Coaches have the right to change exact numbers per age group based on interest in the trip.

The Selection process will take place in three waves.

Wave 1 Invitations will be sent out on December 20, 2023

All Futures and faster swimmers

13-16 year old with one Sectional Time Standards; if at capacity priority will go to those with more Sectional Time Standards

11-12 year old with one AA and faster time standard

Deadline to respond for Wave 1 swimmers is January 3, 2024

Wave 2 Invitations will be sent out on January 10, 2024

17-18 year old with one Sectional Time Standard; if at capacity priority will go to those with more Sectional Time Standards

15-16 year old with one AA and faster time standard; if at capacity priority will go to those with more AA time standards

13-14 year old with one AA and faster time standard; if at capacity priority will go to those with more AA time standards

11-12 year old with one A and faster time standard; if at capacity priority will go to those with more A and faster time standards

Deadline to respond for Wave 2 swimmers is January 24, 2024

Wave 3 Invitations will be sent out on January 31, 2024

LAC will use time standards as needed to fill the remaining age groups.  

If there ever is a "tie" for a spot, coaches discretion will be used.

Itinerary & Cost:

The estimated cost of this trip is $1,750.  This is an estimate and cost may fluctuate based on actual cost compared to budgeted on number of swimmers attending the trip.  The fee includes:

Lodging during the trip

Meals during the trip 

Olympic Trials Trip tickets

On ground transportation while in Indy

Luggage round trip

Swimmers are responsible for:

Booking their own airfare (coaches flights will be listed on the event page to make sure your child is on a team flight)

We will be stopping at a grocery store once, early in the trip, so swimmers can get their necessary “meet snacks” once on the ground in Indy.

Spending money at swim meet or at Olympic Trials – food and drink, merchandise, etc.

A $100 non-refundable deposit will be added to your account when you commit to the trip.  This money can be transferred if your child qualifies for Olympic Trials individually.  


We will be taking approximately 8 chaperones with us on this trip.  There is a chaperone application that will be posted on December 4, 2023.  Chaperone applications will be open first to those with parents with swimmers that meet the qualifications for Wave 1 and 2. Chaperone applications will close on December 28th and announced by January 3rd.  If we do not have enough applicants, we will keep the application process open until it is filled.  


Basic Itinerary:

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Midafternoon–depart DFW on 1 of up to 4 flights to Indianapolis, Indiana with coaches and chaperones

Check into hotel


Team Meeting

Thursday, June 13


Morning Training Session/loosen swim

Team Meeting


Grocery Store 

Afternoon training session/ stretch

Team Meeting


Friday, June 14-Sunday, June 16–Prelims/Finals Swim Meet

Swim at Meet

Prelims/Finals meet for all athletes

Swim Meet is approximately 10 minutes from the hotel


Breakfast/Lunch/ Dinner at hotel

Monday, June 17, 2024

Breakfast @ hotel

Team Meeting

Relaxing morning after 3 days of prelims/finals

Lunch @ hotel

Leave for Trials for finals at 5:30PM for 6:45PM start

Dinner after finals at hotel

Tuesday, June 18 and Wednesday June 19th, 2024

Breakfast @ hotel

Arrive at trials at 9:15 am for 10:00 am prelim start

Lunch @ 1-2 pm - snacks can be bought at meet

Dryland/ Swim between sessions

Arrive at finals at 6:00 pm - finals start at 6:45 pm

Dinner after finals @ hotel or restaurant

Thursday June 20, 2024

Breakfast at hotel

Early flight back to DFW

Each swimmer will need to abide by the LAC Travel Guidelines through the trip which can be found on our website under the Guidelines and Policy page or  click here .  Our coaching staff feels this trip will be an invaluable experience for all who attend and will be an important part of their long-term progression in the sport.  If you have questions regarding the trip, feel free to reach out to your child’s coach or one: 

11-12 year olds--Chrissy Gentry - [email protected]

13-14 year olds--Andrew Marsh - [email protected]

15-18 year olds–Jeff Pishko - [email protected]