FAQs: Before the start of each session, you will receive a welcome email from the deck coach at your chosen location. That information will have site specific information and details about the session.

  • Where do I go? The deck coach will greet you at the entry to the pool deck. Details about your specific site will be provided in the welcome email.

  • Is there a locker room available? Yes, is the short answer. Each site has bathrooms and locker rooms available for your swimmer to use. Depending on the site, if a swimmer needs the restroom during a lesson, we may ask you to help with a bathroom visit. Again, this info will be in your welcome email.

  • Where should parents wait? Almost all of our pools have USA practices happening at the same time and parents are not allowed to step on the pool deck. Parents may watch the lesson from the viewing area which will be a classroom or an upstairs area depending on the site.

  • What time do I need to be there? Depending on if you need to change your swimmer, you can arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled class. We recommend visiting the restroom before class as well. The deck coach will bring the class on deck 5 minutes before the class is scheduled to begin. This allows them to organize the class and begin on time.

  • When/how will I find out how my swimmer is doing? We are using a new registration system starting this fall. Each family will have a dashboard with your swimmer(s). You will be able to select your swimmer and click skills to see the current level, when it was attained, and any comments or notes from the coach. If you have been in our program before--this will replace our certificate. We are also able to include video examples, so you and your swimmer can see the exit skill they need to pass for each level. 

  • When can I talk to the person on deck about my swimmer? Email is the best way to communicate with your Coach. The Deck Coaches have limited time in between classes to talk to parents. We try to double up staff early in the session to help answer questions, however, the deck coach is usually busy on deck during the evening classes. We have a lot of swimmers and we don’t want to miss anything. So, although we love to talk about swimming and want to answer any questions, the coach may ask you to email them or arrange for a different time to talk. 

  • What if I have a conflict and need to miss a class? We do not offer makeups when you miss a class.

  • How can I change my class time? Or cancel registration? If you need to change classes, email your coach. Classes fill quickly, so this may not be possible. There is a $15 fee for changing classes. Email your coach 48 business hours before the start of the session to cancel registration. There is $15 admin fee to cancel a registration. If your swimmer has a medical issue, please email your coach with a Doctor’s note and we can put you on a medical hold.




Our classes typically fill all year long. If your preferred class is full, please get on the waitlist. We may add a teacher to that site and be able to open more spots. For any changes, we can go back to the waitlist and offer the next person a spot in the class. Also, after the first day of class and groups are arranged, we can sometimes add another swimmer. We will work to get your swimmer into a class!



If you have further questions, please contact our Swim School Director at [email protected]




Level 1: Bubbles

Level 2: Floats

Level 3: Kicks

Level 4: Side Skills

Level 5: Freestyle

Level 6: Backstroke

Level 7: Butterfly

Level 8: Breaststroke

Level 9: Dives/Flips

Level 10: "All-Arounder"


Level 1 - Bubbles/ Safety

  • Safe entry into the pool

  • Kicking on side of pool

  • Bubbles on top of water

  • Bubbles underwater


  • 10 Relaxed wall bobs 

Level 2 - Floating

  • Front float face in with bubbles

  • Back float

  • Basic kicking skills on front

  • Basic kicking skills on front


  • 5 seconds front float

  • 5 seconds back float

Level 3 - Kicking

  • Front kicking with a breath assisted

  • Back kicking with assistance

  • Kicking on side face out with support

  • Kicking on side face in with support 


  • Front kicking , 15 feet

  • Back kicking, 15 feet

Level 4 - Side Skills

  • Kick on side face out unassisted

  • Kicking on side face in with roll out breath

  • 6 kick switch

  • Freestyle arms (no breathing)


  • Kick on side face in with roll out breath

  • 6 kick switch 12.5 yards unassisted


Level 5 - Freestyle

  • 3-6-3 Free

  • Catch-up Free

  • Back kick with arms at side

  • Back 6 kick roll


  • 25 yards Freestyle/ Side Breathing

  • 12.5 yards back - 6 kick roll


Level 6 - Backstroke

  • 12.5 yards back kick streamline

  • 6 kick switch back

  • 4 kick switch back

  • 3 kick switch Back

  • 3-6-3 Backstroke


  • 50 yards Freestyle

  • 25 yards Backstroke


Level 7 - Butterfly

  • Body roll on deck

  • Body roll in water with coach

  • Dolphin body breathing in rhythm

  • Fly pull head down

  • Fly pull with breath


  • 12.5 yards dolphin body


Level 8 - Breaststroke

  • Breast kick sitting on side of pool

  • Breast kick vertical on side of pool

  • Breast kick on back

  • Breast kick on board


  • 12.5 yards breast kick movement


Level 9 - Diving and Turns

  • Push from wall and flip

  • Push from wall, flip, and streamline kick back

  • Knee dive

  • Squatting dive


  • Streamline dive

  • Freestyle turn on wall

Level 10 - All-arounder


  • 25 yards side kick freestyle

  • 25 yards six kick switch freestyle

  • 50 yards freestyle with somersault

  • 25 yards body roll on back

  • 25 yards 6 kick switch back

  • 50 yards backstroke swim

  • 25 yards dolphin body breathing in rhythm

  • 25 yards breaststroke kick 

  • Streamline dive with kick to flags