LAC Spirit Wear will be sold in different phases throughout the year.  There will be a Fall, Spring and Summer sale that will have specific items and dates that the sales will be open.  We will also sell LAC Tshirt Packs continuously throughout the year.


LAC Tshirt Packs:  Orders can be placed below at anytime throughout the swim season.

LAC Tshirt packs are pictured below.  These are worn by both swimmers and parents/spectators.  Our team has specific days we wear each color shirtl  Friday is grey, Saturday is red and Sunday is Black.  Therefore it is popular to purchase as a tshirt pack of 3.  

Orders will close on the 20th of every month and will be delivered approximately by the 10th of the following month to your child's pool for distribution. 

LAC Tshirt pack of 3:  $52 billed to your LAC account
LAC Tshirt Individual:  $20 billed to your LAC account

Orders can be placed here:  LAC Tshirt Pack Order form.

Need help?  Email [email protected]