Welcome to the LAC Competitive Team!

Members of the LAC competitive team train in either the Age Group or Senior program, as described below.

The Age Group program is for swimmers ages 12 and under. Swimmers may be invited from the LAC Stroke School or be placed here through a try-out/placement evaluation. The Age Group program is made up of four levels – Bronze, Silver, Gold and AGS (Age Group Select). As a swimmer moves up from one level to the next, more advanced skills and commitments are required.

The Senior program is for swimmers ages 13 and older.  The program is divided into four levels – High School Prep, Senior, National Prep, and National.  Athletes in these groups are divided based on maturity, training ability, attendance, and meet performance.

As members of LAC’s competitive team, these athletes are given the opportunity to participate in USA Swimming meets, camps, select teams, and clinics, as well as all of the membership functions within LAC.  Being a member and being on the competitive team means that the swimmer and their families will have to abide by the membership rules and volunteer to help with team events.

All swimmers wishing to join LAC’s competitive team must go through a tryout/placement evaluation.