Fees and Membership

LAC is a year-round program that requires all swimmers to register with the club each year. The initial LAC Registration fee is assessed when you join the club and will renew each year in late summer. During Membership renewal, LAC updates all the continuing athletes' membership information, collects the annual registration fees, and has the members complete their USA Swimming Registration (insurance for competitive swimmers) for the upcoming year.  Below is a breakdown of the fee schedule:

LAC Annual Registration Fee

(One per household) This fee is assessed upon joining and then each summer for all accounts that will remain active the following year.  This fee is $175 for the competitive team and $75 for the pre-competitive team.

USA Swimming Registration Fee

Each competitive swimmer (Bronze groups & up) is assessed an $86 Annual USA Swimming Registration Fee.  All renewing swimmers pay this fee during the registration renewal in the Fall. 

Swimmers transferring to LAC from another USA Swimming team pay either a $12 or $6 transfer fee when registering with LAC, conditions apply. 

Monthly Membership Dues

Membership Dues are assessed the 1st of every month. Automatic payments can be set up in your member account. A late fee of $10 will be assessed if payments are received after the 15th.
Families of multiple swimmers will receive a 10% discount for each additional swimmer. The discount will be applied to the practice groups with lesser value. This offer applies to monthly dues payments only.  
Monthly fees for each training group are as follows: 
Meet Entry Fee Deposit
Each swimmer training in Bronze and above will be billed a $75 deposit to cover entry fees in the instance that payments are not rendered prior to the event.  This deposit is required regardless of whether your swimmer participates in meets or not. 
As your athlete swims in meets, the actual meet entry fees will be billed to your account. This $75 deposit will be refunded when your swimmer(s) leave LAC.
Meet times are subject to change, once  the meet entry deadline has passed, the entry fees are non-refundable. 
Membership dues cover being a member of the team and participation in practices offered, however practices will vary at times due to factors in which LAC has no control.   The facilities that we use are subject to close due to outside events, weather, and mechanical issues, resulting in the cancellation or change of some LAC practices. LAC does not offer refunds for these minor changes. 
Withdrawing from LAC

Parents must notify the Team Manager in writing ([email protected]) when quitting the team. A 30-day notice is required and must be provided to avoid any charges. Notifying the coaching staff is not sufficient notice.