Lakeside Aquatic Club Masters Swimming




Lakeside Aquatic Club offers a Masters Swimming program for adults 18 and over – no matter what your goals are! LAC Masters Swimming is perfect for:


  • Anyone interested in swimming for general fitness
  • Anyone interested in swimming for competition
  • Triathletes looking to improve their swim training
  • CrossFit™ enthusiasts looking for effective cross-training


LAC Masters swimming is offered in partnership with Keller ISD,

and we’re grateful for their support!



  • Keller Natatorium, 1000 Bear Creek Pkwy, Keller TX 76248 (map)


Practice Dates & Times:

  • Monday – Thursday,  12pm – 1pm



  • 18 years of age or older
  • Must be able to swim at least 500 yards



  • $55 / month (LAC dues)




Want to join us? Email Coach Bailey for schedule information and register through our link:  

All registration and LAC monthly dues are submitted through our website and can be found under the Masters tab.


Have questions? See below, or email Coach Bailey: [email protected]


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m not really interested in being a competitive swimmer. Isn’t Masters swimming just for people who want to compete?

A: While plenty of Master’s swimmers do compete – for fun, friendship, and camaraderie as much as the personal challenge! – many Masters swimmers also have no intention of competing and just want to get a good workout. You do not have to compete to be a part of LAC Masters!


Q: I’m not a very fast swimmer. Can I still join the team?

A: Masters swimming isn’t about being a “fast swimmer” – it’s about having fun while becoming a better swimmer! While being a “fast swimmer” isn’t required, knowing how to swim is required – we do require that you know how to swim at least 500 yards successfully. We break out our workouts into groups depending on the ability and experience of the different swimmers on the team

Q: I want to learn how to swim. Can LAC Masters help?

A: Do you need to learn to swim? Great! Lakeside Aquatic Club offers adult Learn-to-Swim classes at our Northwest location, too! Click here for more information, or email Coach Julie directly at [email protected]. Once you’re up-to-speed on the basics, we’ll look forward to seeing you in the pool with LAC Masters!

Q: Are there any other workout times? Or other pools? I can’t make lunchtime workouts, or I’d prefer they were at a different LAC-affiliated pool.

A: At this time, LAC Masters is offered at the Keller pool only, and only during the noon hour Mondays through Thursdays.

While other locations & times might always be preferable for some, right now Keller Natatorium pool space during both morning and evening hours is highly impacted. We want to make sure our Masters swimmers have access to safe and enjoyable training conditions, while ensuring all other LAC teams and training groups have the best possible conditions as well.

We’re continually evaluating our available options, and if new options become available to the LAC Masters, we’ll certainly look to adjust.