2021-2024 USA Swimming National Age Group Motivational Time Standards (B, BB, A, etc times)   These are the charts you use to
determine what level time standards your swimmer has achieved, and which meets they are eligible for.  Pages 1 and 2 are long course meter standards (used mainly in the summer).  Pages 3 & 4 are short course meter standards (we rarely race in a 25 meter pool so you can ignore), Pages 5 and 6 are short course yards (the ones we use in the fall and winter).

2024 TAGS Short and Long Course **updated 11/06/2023

2024 Futures Meet  **Qualifying from 06/01/2023 through Deadline

2024 Summer Championships **Qualifying from 06/01/2023 through Deadline

2024 Olympic Trial Time **Qualifying Period 11/30/2022 -  6/02/2024

2024 Sectionals (LC and SC) **updated 12/13/23

2023 Summer Junior Nationals

2023 Summer USA Swimming Nationals

2022 Winter Juniors 

USA Swimming Time Standards