One of the reasons LAC is one of the top competitive swim clubs is that we provide our swimmers with ample opportunities to participate in swim meets. LAC hosts many meets at every competitive level.  To provide this service to our swimmers, we need volunteer participation to run LAC-hosted meets effectively.  The Volunteer Obligation applies to families with swimmers on the Competitive Team (Bronze or higher).  Volunteer points are tracked and totaled in LAC's fiscal year, Sept 1 - Aug 31.

There are several ways to meet the yearly volunteer obligation

  1. Assist with LAC-sponsored swim meets in various trained & untrained roles
  2. Provide volunteer donations to support the expense of hosting a meet
  3. Volunteer service on committees and other activities



LAC typically hosts 10-12 swim meets each year. Volunteer points are assessed at the beginning of the season and credits are awarded for each session worked. (One meet can have anywhere from 6-12 sessions.)  For Fiscal 2023 (Sept 2023 - Aug 2024) the volunteer requirement starts at 3 points per family. Our board of directors can change the requirements if needed. Any changes will be communicated by mid-January as written in our membership agreement. Opportunities vary per meet/function, but some examples are: 

  • One Timing session (1 point)
  • One Safety Monitor session (1 point)
  • One Runner session (1 point)
  • One Hospitality $150 Donation (1 point)

Some positions will have a limit placed on the maximum number of sessions a family can work for some of the smaller meets.  You can volunteer at any meet LAC hosts, regardless of whether your swimmer is participating. Some positions are reserved for trained volunteers and should not be registered for unless you have been through training. This includes Meet Ops (HyTek & Colorado), Announcer and Meet Director.

Signups for volunteering are done online through the LAC website.  When we "open" a meet for signups, an email is sent to the Members letting them know when the signups are open.  Signups for meets typically open 1 week before the meet starts.

Volunteer points are not earned at meets that are not hosted by LAC unless otherwise stated.

LAC plans out the annual requirement in order to allow every family an opportunity to earn points throughout the season. We hope you view this as a fun opportunity to support the swimmers and give them an environment to succeed! 

Members joining the team after January 15th will be prorated a partial required amount of credits to be completed by the end of the season.  LAC may waive the volunteer obligation for the remainder of the season for families who join after June 1st.  If there are any questions regarding the Volunteer Obligation requirements, it is the member’s responsibility to contact Michelle Johnson for clarification.



In addition to swim meets, the volunteer obligation may also be met through committed Leadership Positions on LAC Committees, Board of Directors or serving as a trained official. Availability may vary, but many opportunities exist on committees such as:

  • Events
  • Fundraising (Swim-a-thon)
  • Board of Directors
  • Group Parents & LifeSavers 

'Active' service in these work areas will meet the family's obligation for volunteer service for that year.



In some cases, a family may choose not to participate (or may not have the ability to volunteer).  In these cases, LAC will "Buy-Out" each credit of required service that was not worked. 

Each point is worth $250.00, and any unmet points are billed to your account on September 1st.  Any family that leaves the club prior to meeting their volunteer obligation for that season shall be assessed the appropriate buy-out fee and will be responsible for payment of that fee.


To view your current point total, click "Billing Summary" under "My Account" to the left of the screen, and then select the "Service Hours" tab.  Each hour listed is equivalent to one point.  You may need to scroll to the right to see your balance detail.  A negative balance means you have surpassed your volunteer obligation! Do not use the OnDeck app as it will only show jobs that you signed up for via the app, no manually added points.



If your family is experiencing a hardship, please do not wait until after the buyout has occurred to let us know. We will do our best to work with you on other service options or financial assistance as approved by the Board of Directors. Contact [email protected] if you need help or have any questions.