Lakeside Aquatic Club (LAC) operates a comprehensive year-round swimming program consisting of our Learn-To-Swim program, Stroke School and Competitive Team.  Each program builds upon the skills taught in the previous program.  Our goal is to have water-safe athletes and to teach them the skills and techniques needed to perform at the highest levels of the sport.  To learn more about each program, click on the associated links below.


  • The Lessons program is a swimmer's first exposure to organized lessons. Swimmers are taught to float, breathe, kick, move their arms, and start to become independent in the water. The Learn-to-Swim program is for all ages and offered at select LAC locations. Swimmers who cannot proficiently do all four strokes for 25 yards start with LAC in this program. We offer swim lessons for all ages.  Signups for LAC's Learn to Swim Program are done online. Return to our homepage, and click on the Learn To Swim button for more information on session dates, locations, and fees.  There are no evaluations or tryouts for the Learn to Swim program.  Swimmers are evaluated their 1st day and placed in skill-appropriate groups.


  • Stroke School is an introductory step to being on a competitive team for swimmers 12* and younger. Skills such as circle swimming, understanding the basics of a pace clock, and general competition rules are taught. Techniques such as breath timing, body rotation, and stroke drills are introduced at this level. Swimmers compete in fun intrasquad meets to begin developing competitively.  Swimmers joining Stroke School are required to have a Try-Out. In general, LAC holds open tryouts in late summer and early Winter. If a swimmer cannot do all four competitive strokes for 25 yards, they would start in Lessons, not Stroke School.

    *This may vary by location or season, based on space available


  • LAC's Competitive Team trains swimmers to compete in meets locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.  The program is divided into the Age Group (4 levels) and Senior programs (4 levels). The Age Group program is typically for swimmers aged 13 and under, while the Senior program is typically for swimmers aged 13 and older. Swimmers joining the Competitive Team will be required to have a Try-Out/Placement evaluation to determine the appropriate training group level. In addition, families are required to fulfill a yearly volunteer obligation at LAC hosted meets.

Information on tryouts can be found HERE.

Information on costs can be found HERE.

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