2024 Swim A Thon


LAC Families,
We are wrapping up the 2024 swim-a-thon, if your child did not receive their prizes for raising $150 or more, please see below.  
If you raised between  $150-$999 and did not attend swim a thon please fill out this form so we can get your swimmer their prizes:
If you raised  $1,000 or more please fill out this order form so we can start working on your prizes:
We are always looking for more parents to be involved in swim-a-thon.  If you feel you have expertise in a specific area and would like to help out with  2025  swim-a-thon, please fill out this form and we will contact  you in the Fall.

Top 10 Fundraisers as of Noon on Thursday--this is final results for the breakfast and dinner. 


Final Top 10 14 & Unders   Final Top 10 15 & Overs
1 M. Lutter $ 3,806.00   1 M. Hatcher $ 3,550.00
2 P. McCue $ 3,100.00   2 C. Lucas $ 2,500.00
3 D. Rogers $ 2,800.00   3 C. Kipp $ 1,475.00
4 R. Sun $ 2,153.00   4 J. Jiuliano $ 1,020.00
5 J. Sun $ 2,153.00   5 K. Jiuliano $ 1,020.00
6 M. Scarboroough $ 2,000.00   6 L. Andruss $ 1,000.00
7 K. Pateel $ 1,620.00   7 O. Colombo $ 1,000.00
8 C. Shepherd $ 1,500.00   8 T. Janning $ 1,000.00
9 R. Rogers $ 1,475.00   9 T. Sprawls $ 1,000.00
10 N. Ramos $ 1,350.00   10 E. Bibza $ 930.00


Achievement Awards:
Achievement Awards is LAC's annual Awards night paired with our featured speaker:  4 time Olympian, Jason Lezak
Date:  Friday, April 26, 2024
Location: Location: CHS 9th Grade Auditorium 1310 Wrangler Cir. Coppell, Texas, 75019
Time:  Doors will open at 5:10PM, we will be finished at 8PM.
Fee:  $10/family (this includes grandparents etc.) to be charged to your LAC account
Sign Ups:  There is a strict capacity of 650. We will keep a waiting list should be exceed capacity during sign-ups. 


Sign Up HERE 

The Coaches Silent Auction is now live:  Silent Auction
The Silent Auction will close on April 20th at 11:59PM 
The top bidder will be charged on their credit card, through the website that is hosting the silent auction. Any events that are accepting  more than the top bidder as a winner will be billed through their LAC TU account.
You can bid on any coach, it does not have to be your child's own coach and you can bid on as many items as you wish.
The bidder's win amount will be added to the total your child's fundraising efforts for prize levels as well--but this will not appear on TU.

Saturday April 27: 14 & Under Swim A Thon Day
Stroke team thru National Prep will conduct their swim a thon in Keller on this day.  This is an all team event and participation is expected.

**Autographs and pictures with Jason Lezak will be at the following times in the lobby of Keller ISD on Saturday 4/27:  ​
8:30-9:15AM; 12:30-1:15PM; 2-2:45PM

  • ​National Prep, Senior 2, AGS
    -arrive 7AM
    -swim 7:15-8:45AM
    -Pie Your Coach 9:45-10:15AM (for those that raised $150 or more)
    -Clinic with Jason Lezak 10:15-11AM (for those that raised $600 or more)
  • Bronze 2, Silver 2, Gold 2
    -arrive 8:30AM
    -swim 8:45-10:15AM
    -Pie Your Coach 10:30-11:00AM (for those that raised $150 or more)
    -Clinic with Jason Lezak 11-11:45AM (for those that raised $600 or more)
  • Bronze 1, Silver 1, Gold 1
    -arrive 11AM
    -Pie Your Coach 11:15-11:30AM (for those that raised $150 or more)
    -swim 11:45-1:15PM
    -Clinic with Jason Lezak 1:15-2:00PM (for those that raised $600 or more)
  • Stroke Team
    -Clinic with Jason Lezak 1:15-2:00PM (for those that raised $600 or more)
    -Pie Your Coach 1:30-2PM (for those that raised $600 or more)
    -swim 2:00-3:30

Sunday April 28:  15 & Over Swim A Thon Day
Senior and National Groups will conduct their swim a thon in Keller on this day.  This is an all team event and participation is expected.

  • 8-10AM Futures and Faster 15 & Over Swim
  • 10-10:30AM Pie Your Coach for all 15 & Overs who have raised $150 or more
  • 10:30-12:30PM 15 & Overs who did not swim from 8-10AM

    $150:  Swim A Thon tshirt & Pie your coach at S-A-T day during set time
    $250:  Arena towel (and the above)
    $400  Silicone LAC S-A-T cap and Arena wet/dry bag (and the above)
    $600 45 minute clinic with Olympian Jason Lezak on S-A-T day (and the above)
    $1000 and higher: Arena White Warm Up set & age appropriate tech suit, if stroke/Bronze/Silver can choose 3 arena practice suits of choice

Top 10 overall fundraisers 14 & Under based on donations as of Thursday April 25 at 12:00PM (including corporate sponsors and coaches silent auction) will have the opportunity to have breakfast wtih Olympian Jason Lezak on Saturday April 27

Top 10 overall fundraisers 15 & Over based on donations as of Thursday April 25 at 12:00PM (including corporate sponsors and coaches silent auction) will have the opportunity to to have dinner cooked and served by LAC coaches--date TBA


Corporate Sponsorship: 
We love to partner with corporations that support our mission.  
Here is the Corporate Sponsor Flyer

Dues Credit (New this year):  

If you as a family find a company to join us in our mission and support us at any of the corporate sponsorship levels we will offer you anywhere from 3 - 12 months of dues credit in the following year. The higher the level of corporate sponsorship found the more dues credit you get! If you and another family work together to find corporate sponsorships, you can split the credits between the two families. Or, if you like, you can give your credit months to another family who may need assistance. If multiple swimmers are on an account, the credit goes to highest training group. All dues credit must be used in the 2024-2025 swim year. There is more than one way to use these credits and we are happy to clarify any questions you might have. 

The incentive of dues credit goes into effect for Sept 1, 2024. If you help us find a:

Bronze Level Sponsor: 3 months dues credit
Silver Level Sponsor:  6 months dues credit
Gold level:  9 months dues credit
Platinum level:  12 months dues credit